Wassell Evolution are built to replace the AMAL! Checkout a pair…


These Carbs are OEM equivalent to Amal premier carbs.  They are the same quality and design, but at a fraction of the cost.    Product endorsement from Neville Lewis.  These will not last at this price.

CNC billet alloy slide with hard anodised coating for greater wear resistance and smoother operation.

Removable pilot jet for easy servicing of idle circuit.

Fully adjustable ethanol resistant float fitted as standard.

Viton tipped float needle fitted as standard.

Passivated corrosion and fuel stain resistant finish!

Carburettor Range : Wassell 9 Series Evolution

Main Jet: 200

Throttle Slide No.: 3

Removable Pilot Jet: No 17

Needle Jet: 106

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